Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan
The Right Reverend Robert R. Gepert, D.D., Bishop

 107 West Washington Street

Ionia, Michigan 48846

616-527-2290 (parish phone/fax)






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Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan Is the official home page for the Diocese of Western Michigan, frequently updated with news and information for our Diocese.

Episcopal Relief and Development provides emergency assistance in times of disaster; rebuilds devastated communities and offers long-term program development solutions to fight poverty.

THE WORLDWIDE ANGLICAN COMMUNION is the official home page of the offices of the Anglican Communion in London, England. It is their hope that the information contained here will enable Anglicans and others to be fully and accurately informed of the work, witness and worship of the Anglican / Episcopal family of churches around the globe in over 160 countries. This web site provides documents, statements, publications as well as the Anglican Communion News Service (ACNS) and excerpts from our official magazine, ANGLICAN WORLD.

The Episcopal Church in the USA consists of web pages serving the members of The Episcopal Church in the USA and the church's Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society. These pages offer news, information, publications, reports and multi-media resources from the staff and hundreds of volunteer personnel who carry out the churchwide mission and ministry and church governance and administration of the Episcopal Church.

Anglicans Online! - USA The Episcopal Church of the USA (ECUSA) is the American branch of the Anglican Communion. The ECUSA came into existence as an independent denomination after the American Revolution. Today, it has between two and three million members in the United States and Central America, all of which under jurisdiction of presiding bishop Edmond Browning.

Washington National Cathedral is your church in the nation's capital. Standing higher than the Washington Monument, the Cathedral crowns fifty-seven acres at the city's highest point, a living symbol of our country's heritage of religious freedom and faith. Here you will experience a place of spiritual inspiration and beauty with attention to craftmanship and artistic detail second to none.

Electronic Book of Common Prayer.

Search the Bible in nine languages and view multiple versions of the Bible at The Bible Gateway

Sign up for the 'Christian Quote of The Day' at http://cqod.gospelcom.net/cqodlist.htm. The Christian Quotation of the Day provides a daily Scripture meditation as a part of its daily emailing service. 

Jubilee USA web site - In countries with crushing debt, people lose out on health care, education and a chance to earn a living wage. Join them in a global campaign for a new beginning. Working together we can advocate for a practical solution to the debt crisis. 

WWW.EPISCOPALIAN.ORG is a site on the World Wide Web that is dedicated to Episcopal/Anglican ministries engaged in the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ. This web site is sponsored by the South American Missionary Society and Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry.

Project Hope and Compassion is a site that provides information about how to volunteer to help hurricane Katrina victims in the Lizana, MS region. Web Master Paul Zimmerman worked with Project Hope and Compassion in October, 2005 and March, 2006. He shares his story on the Stories Page. Please consider giving online using your charge card on the Donate Page. They are a wonderful group of Christians helping people in need after a devastating natural disaster. 

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